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The following list is the changes, corrections, and additions to the Atrex package since the most recent major release.

  • ยป = New Feature or Functionality

--- Modifications for 21.02 ---

Build 4

  • Fixed over correction in which properly voided credit card transactions were not being deleted.

Build 2

  • Canceling a deletion of an authorized credit card payment after a failed void or canceling the void confirmation was still deleting the payment entry.

Build 1

  • Inventory transfers to WAN locations are exceptionally slow.
  • Order shipping and SO completion amount was not removing surcharge amounts from the total prepaid amount.
  • PostAuth capture for TriPOS not returning the captured amount.*
  • Card history window was storing the PreAuth capture authorization type as "Other".
  • Import Save Map function was not properly storing the Right Click alternate selections.
  • Card on file selection was not properly selecting the default card.
  • SO Quote templates not printing correct subtotal values for Parts, Labor, Sublet, and Disposal values if more than one job was present.
  • Modified PO unreceiving check function to allow for insignificant differences beyond 5 decimal places in the current vs old values.
  • Updated print engine to version 22.02.
* Correction requires updated to TriPOS credit card plugin.

--- End of 21.02 ---

--- Modifications for 21.01 ---

Build 2

  • PO RFQ menu selections were not being disabled properly via to match the user security access.
  • Modified sales and service customer ranking reports to show subtotal including transaction level discounts for more accurate ordering.

Build 1

  • Lookup list control using cached lookup tables were displaying empty if the underlying table was modified while the control was active.
  • Serialized allocation information was not displaying correctly for customers with a company name on the transaction serial number selection window.
  • Removed remaining Internet Explorer support from main Atrex executable.
  • Modified Atrex and TriPOS plugin to pass authorization information back to Atrex to allow for voiding of gift card transactions directly from the payment window.
  • Report designer query objects were incorrectly being passed back and forth as integers types instead of Int64.
  • Changing customer on invoice, order, quote, or SO with alternate address was not clearing the alternate shipping company if that was the option selected.

--- End of 21.01 ---

--- Modifications for 21.00 ---

Build 52

  • Modified cached lookup tables to use case insensitive indexes when caching tables with case insensitive lookup values.
  • Corrected AV on popup message displayed after attempting to retry a failed recurring invoice credit card.
  • Modified replication save updates script to only attempt to save updates if there are published tables present.
  • Posting a new manufacturer entry by moving to another record was throwing a null value error.
  • Some transaction and AR payment values were being displayed with more than 2 decimal places.

Build 50

  • PO Receiving not preserving original item cost if the item cost was changed but no quantity received.
  • Removed access to the customer price level maintenance function for users without the ability to change salesperson.
  • Removed access to the customer salesperson maintenance function for users without the ability to change pricing.
  • Customer default invoice destination is incorrectly being applied to shippers as well.
  • Fixed memory leak during inventory transfer save function.
  • Serialized items on pending transfers are not being processed properly.
  • Adjusted on hand quantity not printing on the inventory reorder report.

Build 48

  • Application wide performance tweek for case insensitive lookup fields.
  • Item information display when editing existing transactions is not properly displaying prices if the item is on sale.

Build 47 (Initial Release) - Changes in this section are corrections to issues identified after the last build of Atrex 20.

  • Minor alignment cleanup for Payee History (AP1003) report.
  • Modified program start date retrieval to be AFTER NIST NTP internet time retrieval to prevent date/time calculation issues.
  • Fixed customer service history popup menu functions to properly point to both Service Orders and Service Order Quotes.
  • Fixed stock code merge function to properly handle image sequence numbers if there were images on both the source and target stock codes.
  • Creating payables from PO receiving sessions where with negative quantity items were present, was creating the receivable with an incorrect amount.
  • Scheduler Resources and Labels were not sorting correctly on the event criteria and event windows.
  • Sales order void function was not clearing the ItemGUID field for serial numbers linked to the voided transaction.
  • Serial numbers pre-assigned to orders but not shipped while partially shipping orders with copy unshipped option enabled, was linking the pre-assigned serial numbers to the unshipped serialized items on the invoice.
  • Fixed filter error when attempting to limit the audit detail view to a specific table.
  • Fixed record range error on the stock code selection window if a stock code referenced a sale price entry that no longer exists in the sale price table.
  • Restricted access to inventory worksheet difference report and update function to only users with rights to view inventory costs.
  • Editing a return invoice where non-cash payment was made AND change was returned was incorrectly calculating the balance on the payment window.
  • Background company information updates were not fully thread safe, potentially causing 506 errors on C/S connections.
  • Users with access rights to only create rapid invoices were also able to create regular invoices.
  • Background deferred update processing was only being initiated during startup rather than as needed.
  • New category, manufacturer, and location values added while modifying stock codes with cached updates enabled were not available for selection until the stock code information window was closed and re-opened.
  • Once the transaction edit days value was changed from the default -1, users were unable to change it back to the default value.
  • Repeatedly attempting to adjust product pricing during PO receiving was improperly only adjusting the first listed product pricing after the initial processing.
  • Modified DLL interfaces for credit card and signature capture plug-ins to use string pointers instead of string objects to prevent repeated memory leaks.
  • Restricted modification of master customer and tax category values when editing the rapid sale customer.
  • Manually entered BCC values were being excluded if there was a default BCC configured in either the user or company settings.
  • Modification of some tax values on transactions were not triggering a tax recalculation.
  • Compression was not being enabled properly between the database client and server, resulting in slow WAN data exchange.
  • Card processing history window was showing the requested card type, not the actual processed card type if it was changed during processing.
  • Hosted checkout (Worldpay Datacap) window initialization was unable to establish a secure connection using TLS 1.2 on some systems.
  • Transaction quantity fields not allowing decimal input when windows locale is set to Vanautu.
  • Inventory merge function was failing silently if the merge created a duplicate serial number.
  • Credit card entry windows were not properly identifying UnionPay cards (Mastercard starting with 8).
  • SO and SOQuote clone functions were not properly resetting serialized items on jobs other than the first job.
  • RMA Serialized receiving throwing duplicate key violations if the same serialized item is on a RMA multiple times.
  • Labor Taxed and GST Labor Taxed fields were not being set or retrieved properly from the SO Tax window.
  • Canceled cloned invoices were not showing the proper total amount in the audit trail.
  • Users without the security rights to edit purchase orders were able to add and delete items during a PO receiving session.
  • Reprinting receiving labels function was hanging if any items had a received quantity less than 1.
  • Cancel prompt on inventory label print window was ignoring the user selection if they clicked no.
  • Scheduler event window was saving the location indicator rather than the selected address.
  • Users without access rights to change transaction prices were able to use the update to current and update to last price functions.
  • Code sale pricing by mfr was pulling the price for the first matching item for the mfr rather than the specific stock code selected.
  • High level update to current prices for orders and quotes was not updating the global discount amount if it was present.

--- End of 21.00 ---

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