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The following list is the changes, corrections, and additions to the Atrex package since the most recent major release.

  • » = New Feature or Functionality

--- Modifications for 18.20 ---

Build 1

  • Open Order selection window was allowing access to the main window functions, potentially causing code execution path errors.
  • Deleting a scheduler event directly from the customer, vendor, or SO main window was not permanently deleting the event.
  • Fixed timing issue attempting to delete the resequence table if it was empty.
  • Deleting a scheduler event from within the event editor window was throwing an access violation.
  • Modified code table trigger to prevent null Sale Unit to Order Unit values.
  • Fixed filter error when using the "contains" filter operator.
  • Fixed print to file issue where the print job could potentially produce no output if a print preview was open when the print job started.
  • Fixed error in pole display setup not saving changes properly.
  • Modified pole display to keep the port open until the transaction is completed or canceled. This significantly reduces, but does not completely prevent, errors being displayed attempting to reopen the port after it has been recently closed.
  • Company name was being sent to the pole display before it was retrieved form the database, thus simply clearing the display rather.
  • Added code to clear the pole display when Atrex is closed.
  • Updated user interface components to resolve minor UI issues with scheduler.
  • Updated embedded database engine, server, and DAC components to version 2.31 build 2.

--- End of 18.20 ---

--- Modifications for 18.12 ---

Build 1

  • Image compression was not being applied to images that were not resized.
  • Modified image load from file function to resize the image in memory rather than resizing the original source file.
  • Changed jpeg image quality to 80 (from 90) to reduce the size of new images as they are loaded into the database.
  • Fixed incorrect AR record not present error when voiding an open service order.
  • Fixed memory leak when saving service order images.
  • Fixed scheduler reminders not being able to be snoozed.
  • The ability to select a different SO number during a SO return item insertion was not retrieving the newly selected transaction number.
  • Fixed AV when attempting to load an inventory transfer file.
  • Modified restore function to flush all caching prior to executing the restore to prevent exclusive access error (ElevateDB error 300).
  • Modified background company information retrieval to hide table open error if the remote connection has been lost.
  • AR adjust account function was creating a zero amount adjustment even if no transactions were modified.
  • Canceling the cloning of a container or assembly item was throwing a foreign key database error.
  • Updated embedded database engine, server, and DAC components to version 2.30 build 5.

--- End of 18.12 ---

--- Modifications for 18.11 ---

Build 5

  • Batch PO item quantity field was not properly focused when automatically displayed.
  • Updated user interface controls to fix scheduler event resize issue.
  • Disabled function caching to temporarily resolve memory issues.

Build 4

  • » Added ability to control external module caching in the Atrex Database Server Administrator.
  • SO update to current prices not saving updates to the totals fields on the SOJob table unless the jobs are edited manually after the price update.
  • Cleaned up SO image collection memory leak.
  • Fixed threading issue with registration update when using a client/server connection for the central location.
  • Fixed filter error viewing customer contacts.
  • Vendor report (VEN1002) was not shifting the shipping notes relative to the detail region.
  • Updated print engine to version 19.03.
  • Fixed incorrect sorting and grouping of high level items when container items were present with non-consecutive sequence numbers.
  • Fixed potential column not found issue when saving a PO receiving session.
  • Modified external module to eliminate any visual component references for both size and performance.
  • Fixed memory corruption issue with direct database connections after printing transactions.
  • Voiding of invoices, orders, service orders with payments, or AR payments via the undo facility was not deleting the associated payment type detail.
  • Order shipping is not factoring in the transferred prepaid amount of the current order prior to comparison against the customer max credit value.
  • Emailing of invoices is not including the invoice number in the email subject.
  • Updated embedded database engine, server, and DAC components to version 2.30 build 2. This update fixes an important memory issue with SQL Statement Caching.

--- End of 18.11 ---

--- Modifications for 18.10 ---

Build 5

  • » Added TLS 1.3 for SMTP, HTTP, and FTP connections made from within Atrex.
  • » Return all functions will return the original quantity for serialized items and flag any items with insufficient serial numbers assigned.
  • » Added ability to sort sales analysis report by total gross item sales.
  • » Modified Credit Card type detection to handle new Discover range of cards starting with the number '2'
  • » Added master customer information to Sales Order and Service Order windows.
  • Sales dropoff report was using the percentage from the wrong customer record to determine visibility.
  • Sales return all function was not properly resetting the quantity for serialized items that have been previously returned.
  • Container customization for serialized items within a sales return was not processing the serial number entry as a return.
  • Cleaned up several small memory leaks.
  • Unposted field changes are not being saved when the "Search" button is used to navigate to a different stock code.
  • Modified the function that closes open print previews on program close or location change to prevent AV issues on potentially deleted forms that still reside in memory.
  • BLOB and Memo field compression was not being set properly during database structure verification.*
  • SO Open Selection window Image button was not properly anchored to the lower left corner.
  • Customized grids were being resized to the design time sizes after loading the customized layout.
  • Database location SQL Statement Cache size field was not connected to the proper database field.
  • Added code to work around windows 10 (1079 and newer) MAPI issues as much as possible.
  • Reworked the rename functions in the Atrex Database Administrator to prevent an access violation when refreshing the database information.
  • Modified the inventory worksheet update window to disable the delete table button if the temporary table does not exists.
  • Added transaction count to the payment processing window.
  • Edit order function was allowing users to change the customer on partially shipped orders.
  • Reworked open order selection window shipping status processing for performance on databases with large numbers of open orders.
  • Disabled user interface while updating prices to current on invoices, orders, quotes, and service orders to prevent concurrency issues.
  • Minor performance tweaks to reduce the amount of data being retrieved from the database when updating existing transactions.
  • SO and SO Quote update to current price functions were not flagging the jobs to be saved, resulting in the price updates not being persistent.
  • Reworked price category update function for performance on large databases.

* Requires batch processing with 18.10 and 18.10 on all systems to permanently implement this change.

--- End of 18.10 ---

--- Modifications for 18.02 ---

Build 1

  • Banking account history report not showing the transaction type information.
  • SO Quote selection window throwing HasImage field doesn't exist error when refreshing.
  • Transfer labels printed at the receiving side of a direct transfer may not include the stock code information.
  • Gift card and tokenization flags were not being preserved when the background company information update was fired.
  • Modified window deactivation/activation to prevent deleted windows from being refocused if there is a delay between deleting the window and the main window being activated.
  • Quantities when creating POs for orders were not adding back in the ordered quantity to the available quantity for the items during the calculations.
  • User Interface component support for high DPI screens was preventing customized grids from resizing properly.
  • Text file delimiter type detection failing when attempting to import an ANSI text file that contains characters that can't be mapped to the default Unicode code page.

--- End of 18.02 ---

--- Modifications for 18.01 ---

Build 4

  • Approved credit card authorizations were being returned as not approved if the approved message window was visible at the same time the background company information update was fired.
  • Resolved AV on startup on Windows 2008 server.

Build 3

  • SO Images too tall to allow for display of image size information.

Build 2

  • Moving the position of multiple service order jobs was throwing an access violation on the internal memory table when performing the updates.
  • Standard purchase order templates were not displaying the ship to and bill to information correctly.
  • Server computer name was always being used for the computer name on the AR table for client/server configurations.*
  • Login window is not being displayed immediately after a data conversion.
  • Items added to SO using SO Job Template not being assigned unique ItemGUID values.
  • SO images are not syncing with the data table, so deleting an image without clicking the image first resulted in the wrong image being deleted.
  • Updated database engine to 2.28b7.

* Requires batch processing with 18.01 and 18.01 on all systems to fully implement this correction.

--- End of 18.01 ---

--- Modifications for 18.00 ---

Build 26

  • SO Quote selection showing 1899-12-30 for null dates rather than a blank field.
  • Company information window not properly enforcing the rule of a 250 minimum value inn the image resizing width and height fields.
  • Tweaked SMTP connection to ignore mismatched certificate common name.
  • Inventory Label function was not properly setting the field focus on initial display of the stock code entry window.
  • Deleting a payment from the AR Undo window could cause an endless loop under specific conditions.

Build 21 - Initial Release

--- End of 18.00 ---

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